A Bright Future for CaseGlide in St. Petersburg

Carly Cohen, COO, CaseGlide and Wesley Todd, CEO, CaseGlide


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.- (May 15, 2018)- CaseGlide, a cloud-based software platform that provides litigation management and analytics to property and casualty insurance companies, is adding three jobs to its 11-person team. Along with automating legal documents, the CaseGlide platform manages all case information in one centralized platform, records correspondence between insurance companies and the lawyers handling their cases and delivers business intelligence.

The company headquartered in St. Petersburg, is a leader of its kind and has revolutionized the business intelligence behind the litigation management process.

“Since launching, insurers have managed well over 20,000 cases on the platform,” Wesley Todd, CEO of CaseGlide said. “We have a startup mentality despite being profitable for four years.”

Nearly a decade ago, Wesley Todd, an experienced insurance defense lawyer, recognized a need for an application that could simplify the claims litigation process and in 2014, CaseGlide was born. Todd and business partner, now wife, Carly Cohen funded the company themselves, managing employees remotely until 2016.

Today, CaseGlide’s office in downtown St. Petersburg has grown to 11 employees and serves 150 law firms, and 12 insurance companies, five of which are top 10 insurers in Florida.

“As a software company, we have a very strong working relationship with our clients,” Carly Cohen, COO of CaseGlide said. “Unlike most software companies, however, we have the flexibility to alter our technology to suit individual users.”

CaseGlide is utilizing the City of St. Petersburg’s Grow Smarter Job Creation program and working with the St. Petersburg Economic Development Corporation to build their network and customer base.

“CaseGlide’s innovative platform is an asset to our thriving technology ecosystem,” J.P. DuBuque, President of the St. Petersburg EDC said. “We are excited to see the creative jobs created by CaseGlide’s growth and look forward to continuing to aid in their expansion.”

The company’s growth is only projected to continue. Keeping innovation at their forefront, Todd and Cohen plan to expand first regionally, then nationally, and into the auto insurance industry.

“We are committed to continuing to improve our technology and staying on the cutting edge of development,” Cohen said. “Our vision for hiring a lawyer in the future is to make it as simple as shopping on Amazon.”

Ultimately, Todd and Cohen plan to work with many of the country’s largest property and casualty insurers and to host the entire insurance litigation ecosystem.




About the St. Petersburg Economic Development Corporation

The St. Petersburg Area Economic Development Corporation is a partner in the Grow Smarter Strategy to create awareness of the business climate in St. Petersburg and to invigorate the growth of jobs in the target sectors of marine and life sciences, data analytics, financial and business services, specialized manufacturing and creative arts and design.





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