Community Spotlight: RankMiner

As a business owner, wouldn’t you like to be able to predict and identify which prospects will say yes, which customers are at risk for leaving, and which phone agents are hurting your company?

Predictive Voice Analytics Solutions company, RankMiner answers those questions and provides insight to hundreds of successful Call Centers and managers around the world. From its headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida, RankMiner predicts agent and customer success through patented technology that uses voice-based emotions and behaviors from agent and customer conversations to predict outcomes and prescribe next best actions.

Preston Faykus, CEO, RankMiner

CEO, Preston Faykus launched his Predictive Analytics Solutions company in May 2014 and today has grown the company to include two core platform developers, three data scientists, and one cognitive scientist.

“Our folks love to push the bounds of what’s possible,” Faykus said. “Our team not only has the opportunity to work in cutting-edge technology, but we’re approaching problems in creative new ways and devising innovative machine learning solutions to those problems.

Faykus notes the global Contact Center Industry is RankMiner’s immediate focus. In North America alone, there are over 60,000 contact centers employing over 3.3 million people generating revenue in excess of $28 Billion annually. The total spend worldwide in the Contact Center Industry surpasses $400B, providing RankMiner immense growth potential.

RankMiner is currently located in St. Petersburg’s Innovation District and shares a space with the Poynter Institute, a global leader in journalism.

“Being close to downtown has proven to be an ideal setting for attracting talent from out of state,” Faykus said. “Florida is one of the top states for contact center jobs and St. Pete, in particular, is thriving. There is a real desire in the community to grow its startups.”

RankMiner is involved with the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, Leadership St. Pete, Downtown Rotary Club and other civic groups along with various entrepreneurial initiatives. The company is particularly focused toward getting more kids and girls interested in technology beginning in elementary school. RankMiner is currently working with local universities through joint development of capstone programs, curriculum, and internships.

“Our longer term view is to see more women in technology, not just for us but for the community as a whole, and we think that requires more attention at an earlier age,” Faykus said.

Additionally, RankMiner in the long-term aims to make analytics, predictive insights and prescriptive improvements accessible to nontechnical people. In 2018, Faykus plans to lead his team to continue to push innovation, scale the company’s analytics platform and expand its client base. He also plans to formalize some of the capstone programs and apprenticeship programs to expand talent needs.

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