Coworking is a movement that started in San Francisco in the early 2000s and the concept has gradually picked up momentum each year in the US and around the world as the numbers of freelancers, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals have grown. Coworking spaces provide these individuals a stable, supportive workspace away from home or local café that many times prove to be distracting and lack business operation resources one may need to fulfill their job.

Coworking spaces have been able to fill the gap between working on a laptop on your kitchen counter versus having to lease or own a commercial space without the major costs that once were associated with having a space to for employees. Once geared towards the individual worker, coworking spaces are now trending towards being home to many startups and larger companies as well. Where companies used to be tied into multi year commercial real estate leases for a certain square footage, now companies can pay lower monthly memberships per employee.

While workplace dynamics have changed over the years from encouraging employees to work independently in separate offices to being more collaborative in open workspaces, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has forced those dynamics to change even more. The pandemic has made companies shift their procedures and workplace environments to allow and support employees to work remotely. With this shift, it has made many companies big and small, rethink their office situation with many turning towards the coworking model to downsize their office spaces and allowing for their employees to be flexible with coming in to work and working from home.

In St. Petersburg, there are a wide range of coworking spaces and options that can fit anyone from the solo entrepreneur just needing a desk, to a company looking for space for multiple employees. Many of these spaces are in the middle of the most vibrant downtown in the Southeast that are an easy walk to restaurants, businesses and even the water. St. Pete has both national and local spaces that offer different amenities and atmospheres that give anyone looking for a space multiple options to choose from.

Below is a list of local coworking spaces available in the St. Petersburg area. If you have any questions please Contact Us.