There’s no such thing as boredom here.

Year-round of sunshine, 225 beautiful parks, and the third largest downtown waterfront in North America make St. Pete the ultimate destination for world-class events. Famous for its arts, music, community, long-distance races and sports events, St. Pete offers something for everyone — every weekend.

A world-class destination for events.

The city sponsors over 1,000 events annually, bringing high quality, free and community-engaging opportunities for residents to come together. St. Pete’s city-defining and culturally invigorating events attract locals and visitors from all over the world.

A strong hotel infrastructure and a convenient transportation network make it easy to visit and get around.

It starts in parks.

The majority of St. Pete’s events are held outdoors. Gorgeous green spaces and waterfront views set the tone for outdoors markets and concerts.

Family-friendly events give kids space to run around, picnic, and play — while parents enjoy music and culture. It’s a win-win.

There’s a festival for everyone.

St. Pete hosts events every weekend. The only common thread is fun. Fans of fine art, racing, sports, theater, music, food and dance look forward to premier events that highlight what they love. And that list barely scratches the surface.

For those who love to get involved — from volunteering on the ground to sponsorships — St. Pete’s events offer plenty of opportunities to be part of something big.

We’re proud of our Pride.

St. Pete Pride is Florida’s largest Pride event. This multi-day festival is St. Pete’s most attended event — with over 220,000 people attending in 2016. Since inception, Pride has been held in the Grand Central District.

Kid-friendly during the day and wild at night, it’s a lively celebration of the LGBTQIA community in St. Petersburg.

Sports fans and athletes come here to play.

St. Pete is home to engaged soccer and baseball fans who flock to professional sports events. Triathletes from all over the USA fly into St. Pete to race in the St. Anthony’s Triathlon — which was recently selected by the USA Triathlon (USAT) as a 2017 Regional Championship Race.

Discover a multitude of races throughout the year — in downtown St. Pete and also at St. Pete Beach and Fort de Soto. St. Pete is the now iconic home for the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, in addition to the St. Petersburg Grand Slam Beach Volleyball Tournament.