Forbes on St. Pete: From Stupor to Stupendous

Forbes magazine chronicles St. Petersburg's "before and after" transformation, detailing how the city changed from a downtown empty at night to a "vibrant, artsy, lively" community. The article notes that the rejuvenation is due in part to:

  • -Young people buying homes in St. Pete's urban core
  • -The opening of The Dali Museum, a global attraction
  • -A national significant public arts portfolio
  • -The most robust craft beer scene in Florida
  • -Additional museums like the Chihuly Collection, the James Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the soon-to-open American Arts & Crafts Museum
  • -The orchestra and the opera
  • -Restaurants, bars, hotels, art galleries and boutiques -
  • -New residential towers
  • -The new St. Pete Pier
  • -Carefully managed growth

For the complete story, visit "Culture Continues Fueling Ascension of St. Petersburg."

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