HCIQ Discusses Data Visualization Tools at EDC-USFSP Roundtable

USF-St. Petersburg Kate Tiedemann College of Business 

Article and photographs by Erin Murphy, KTCOB Marketing and Communications.

Companies represented at the event included SRI International, Triad Retail Media, and Coca-Cola Florida, among others.

The Kate Tiedemann College of Business partnered with the St. Petersburg Economic Development Corporation (EDC) on March 29 to bring local business leaders an exclusive Data Analytics Roundtable event.

The event continued the conversation about data analytics that began in October with the college’s first installment of the Data Analytics Roundtable. The second segment kicked off with networking and refreshments, included a discussion led by EDC Investor Bill Carlson as well as a special presentation by Aaron Dobiesz, the Director of Sales at Healthcare IQ.

Dobiesz spoke to business leaders about how HCIQ uses proprietary data analytics technology like Colours IQ to streamline the healthcare process. Colours IQ is a cutting-edge data visualization tool that communicates dense sets of data to healthcare professionals through detailed, colorful images.

“What used to take us nine months, we can now do in one three-hour meeting,” said Dobiesz. “The visualization allows us to [compress] the timeline exponentially. They’d never be able to have [these kinds] of conversations before. The data lets you have the conversation.”

Business leaders in attendance were from industries across the board, including economics, sales, tech, and education. During the dialogue after Dobiesz’ presentation, attendees discussed recruiting, how to implement data analytics into their own businesses as well as predictive analytics.

“Today, leveraging predictive analytics, or machine learning, is not a luxury, but a necessity,” said Dr. Varol Kayhan, professor of information systems management at the Kate Tiedemann College of Business. “In the city of St. Petersburg, the momentum behind predictive analytics is undeniable. Together with other data analytics initiatives, it provides one of the biggest employment opportunities in St. Petersburg.”

Students from the Kate Tiedemann College of Business also gained insights about data and Colours IQ from Dobiesz during a special one-hour Data Analytics Student Session.

“Data permeates every aspect of business today,” said Sri Sundaram, Dean of the Kate Tiedemann College of Business.

“The continuing dialogue with the business community exposes our faculty and students to the pain points businesses face and assist in developing solutions for these problems. Our goal is to help our students understand how data can be converted into actionable intelligence for their companies.”

Article and photographs by Erin Murphy, KTCOB Marketing and Communications.

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