We respect, accept and celebrate all.

St. Pete is a proudly diverse community. We attract innovators, creatives and hard-working people from all backgrounds.

The shared value of inclusivity brings us together. We believe that tolerating differences isn’t enough — and doesn’t express true inclusivity. True inclusivity is about equal opportunities and representation. It’s a work in progress, driven by ongoing dialogues and activism.

From the culture to policy, we’re making a commitment.

Artists express the spirit of inclusivity on murals, shop owners proclaim it in their store windows, and it’s right there in the business community too. All are welcome, and all belong.

St. Pete scored a perfect 100 on The Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index. We were one of just three cities in Florida to be honored with the distinction.

It takes initiative to unlock doors from the inside.

The ability to access opportunity is core to the fabric of an inclusive society. Thanks to the St. Pete’s initiatives, and activists in the community, many barriers to inclusivity are fast becoming rubble.

St. Pete has become a healthier, safer city with unprecedented growth in historically underserved areas. Our reduction of unemployment rate is outpacing the state, and the nation. New business license applications are also outpacing the state and nation in certain areas—a shining example is South St. Pete’s Community Redevelopment Area with a 174% increase.

We care how you get here.

To be an inclusive city, everyone should have accessibility. St. Pete is working hard to make its communications — as well as sidewalks, parks, amenities, and events — accessible to people with disabilities.

2017 saw a new federally-mandated plan put to work and education workshops are available to local businesses to make their premises accessible to all.