Innovation Lives Here: St. Pete, You’re Welcome

There’s a corporate sameness that's dulling the edge of tech meccas in America, but there's one city that's changing the game.

St. Pete.

A haven for the brilliant minds fleeing four-hour commutes and corporate buyouts—companies are finding St. Pete the perfect place to establish an innovation hub where their investments go four times further than other tech cities and startups are finding their foothold in co-working spaces, then growing bigger.

That's because a city with a booming business district surrounded by multiple arts districts was destined to solve problems in new ways, and the new innovation district is home to premier research institutions with the largest marine science cluster in the Southeast.

And 91 colleges and universities within 100 miles.

So, what makes St. Pete the best place to establish an innovation hub?

The business climate.

(And yeah, the weather too.)

St. Pete – You’re welcome.

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