Coconspirator is a brand strategy and consulting firm focused on companies that don't like to sit still. They offer strategy consulting services for brands and agencies seeking to do better things and do things better.

From growth brands looking to reenergize their brand identity to match the business they are building or large enterprises looking for experienced strategy partners to amplify their impact, Coconspirator helps reveal a brand's best self and mobilize it for what's next.

Coconspirator provides agencies with an extra set of eyes and ears to seek critical insights and opportunities. They empower creative agencies and their teams with a firm foundation from which to build memorable, innovative, and successful campaigns.

Coconspirator is built on the expertise of large agency veterans and leverage a network of independent talent to create lasting brand value. The firm is a certified SBE and WBE business.

Shane Needham
Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Shane Needham and partners Saya Heathco and Ally Gannon are, at their hearts, marketing folks who have never been very good at separating business from pleasure. Maybe it's because they actually like what they do. Maybe it's because they actually like each other? Or perhaps they just aren't fond of following the rules. But after more than a decade of bouncing between colleagues and friends, they decided to commit once and for all to being Coconspirators. With over 60 years of combined brand experience working for large consumer brands, big agencies, and media giants, they've compounded their individual expertise to help brands of all sizes tell their stories better through thoughtful strategy and intentional activation.