InsideOut is the world’s leading sales experimentation company, enabling sales teams to deliver a winning selling experience to your target buyers. We build, test, and deploy certified sales plays to increase the productivity and output of your internal sales team, and differentiate the selling experience through unique 1:1 interactions. The platform’s ease of use and speed of deployment empower organizations to create and run bold experiments that help them make data-driven decisions and grow faster. To date, companies like T-Mobile, Microsoft, Google, IBM, and hundreds of other high growth sales organizations have leveraged over 10,000 certified sales plays creating millions of unique experiences tailored to the needs of their customers. The way we see it, you’re the expert on your customers and your business. It’s our job to help you stay that way, getting sharper every day and turning even the most commonplace interactions into opportunities to learn and grow.

Christina Cherry
CEO & Founder

Christina is the founder and CEO of InsideOut.

Originally from Iver in the United Kingdom, which she will proudly tell you is near where the Queen lives, Christina moved to the U.S.A. in the early 2010s before founding InsideOut in 2015. Fast forward 12 months to 2016 and InsideOut had 150+ employees and a 7,500 square-foot facility based in Florida!

With 25+ years in sales and operations, the majority of which has been at board level, those who have met Christina would agree that she strives for operational excellence on a daily basis, consistently working to develop the individuals at InsideOut and help them unlock their full potential.