Corporate Fitness Works is a certified women-owned business and provider of comprehensive health and fitness solutions that inspire all to champion their own well-being. As a catalyst for health, Corporate Fitness Works helps build healthy cultures through innovative fitness and wellness management, facility design, equipment procurement, and consulting services.

Corporate Fitness Works was first established in 1988 by founders Sheila Drohan and Brenda Loube, back when delivering onsite health and fitness for organizations was a relatively new idea. In August of 2018, business executives Beth and Michael Vivio became owners of Corporate Fitness Works. The Vivios share the same vision, core values and principles of the team-centric culture that Sheila and Brenda established more than 30 years ago. With roughly 700 Team Leaders leading the health revolution at more than 100 client sites across the country, Corporate Fitness Works is living proof that good health is good business.

Michael Vivio

Michael Vivio is an experienced President and CEO in both the media and franchise industry. He has a history of leadership in marketing, publishing and advertising industries, and is a proven leader of a franchised business with unique skill and experience driving change. Vivio is knowledgeable in digital strategy, advertising sales, integrated marketing, and advertising. He is an expert in the challenges of marketing to small and medium business, as well as local marketing.

Vivio is an Ohio State University graduate, and has been awarded Texas newspaper leader of the year for 2011.

In August 2018, Michael Vivio and his wife Beth became co-owners of comprehensive health and fitness provider, Corporate Fitness Works, where Michael serves as CEO.