Since 1895, TECO Peoples Gas has provided Florida residents and businesses with reliable, environmentally-friendly, economical natural gas products and service. Peoples Gas is recognized as an industry leader for operating one of the safest pipelines, and serves as a convenient point of contact for authorized natural gas appliance sales, service and repair.

Holly Miller, Regional Manager

As a seasoned Attorney, Holly Miller provides expert counsel to organizations in governmental affairs operations. She offers an extensive track record of results in legal process management and government relations.

Currently, she serves as the Regional Manager for Local Government, Community Relations, and Economic Development for TECO Energy, an Emera Company.

In previous roles, Miller served as the Regional Vice President of government healthcare for Conduent, leveraging her expertise to lead the procurement process of Medicaid contracts across the Southeast. As the liaison between the company and government agency clients, keeping open channels of information and communication was imperative in monitoring healthcare and appropriations legislation. Holly also delivered vital counsel to the Florida Medical Association. While serving as the Governmental Affairs Counsel and as the Assistant General Counsel/Director of Regulatory Affairs, she leveraged her combination of legal knowledge alongside her diplomatic skills. In all of these positions, Miller ensured seamless lobbying efforts with Florida legislators, agency heads, and legislative staff. Her expertise as a liaison and legal counsel expert allowed her to skillfully research, identify, and monitor state legislative and policy issues to forward organizational priorities.

Of note, Miller was selected on multiple occasions to serve as a guest panelist presenting legislative overviews with a concentration on the implications of policies and legal decisions within the healthcare environment. She also was tasked with leading association councils and was responsible for developing relationships with key government leaders.