The idea for The 2020 Plan was born in May 2007 when 300 community leaders agreed that they would work together toward a collective action plan for economic, social and spiritual renewal in South St. Petersburg.The plan strives to increase employment by 5,000 and reduce poverty by 30% in South St. Pete by the 2020 Census.

Gypsy Gallardo, CEO

Gypsy Gallardo is the CEO of the 2020 Plan and Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of The Power Broker Magazine. Gypsy has dedicated her life and career to the advancement of black Americans, and to the development of the practical models and momentum needed to reach the goal of black equality.

She is an “activist publisher” who also holds executive positions with trailblazing organizations in the fields of media, advocacy, economic & commercial development. Among them, she is a VP of Urban Development Solutions, recognized for its pioneering work in inner-city commercial development; VP with International Enterprise, the firm responsible for implementing Florida’s first statewide microbusiness financing program; and is President of Urban Market Ventures, a group spearheading a new grocery store chain designed for majority-minority markets.

Gypsy is a graduate of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government with a Master in Public Policy and dual concentrations in Political & Economic Development and International Trade & Finance; and received her BA from the Whitney Young College of Leadership at Kentucky State University. She was appointed in 2008 by Governor Crist to the Florida Council on the Social Status of Black Men & Boys, and is Co-Chair of The PACT - an advocacy and organizing group committed to harnessing the power of collective action to achieve black equality. She is the recipient of dozens of awards and honors for innovation, service and leadership. Her pride and joy are the four children she raised, who include two nephews. She is “Auntie” to 13 beautiful children.