Discover what's coming.

The mix of emerging sectors like financial services, data analytics, marine and life sciences, and specialty manufacturing positions St. Petersburg as the epicenter of an economic boom.

Home to unique developments such as the cutting edge Innovation District, St. Petersburg anchors the Florida High Tech Corridor, ranking it at one of the top six high-tech employment centers in the nation. This is only the beginning.

Shape the

Leading companies in the St. Pete area are shaping the future of the region’s economy. Now is your chance to join their ranks and make connections that will drive the future of your business and the community. It’s the perfect combination of opportunity and enthusiasm.

A vibrant city
with a small
town feel.

The city of St. Petersburg is big enough to be a national player, with major enterprises establishing headquarters in the city limits. However, St. Pete doesn’t suffer from the congestion, disengagement, or isolation of larger cities—making it feel like one of our country’s best-kept secrets.

Because of the size of our city, our residents are able to actively engage in the community and make an impact on local politics. That kind of connection only happens organically, in an authentically inclusive environment that makes every voice matter.

Dollars and sense.

Sometimes, "No" is a good thing.

St. Pete is more than just a great place to live and work—we offer a wide range of tax benefits for businesses that make it a financially attractive place to conduct business.

  • NO Corporate income tax on limited partnership
  • NO Corporate income tax on subchapter S-corporation
  • NO Corporate franchise tax on capital stock
  • NO State personal income tax (this is guaranteed by constitutional provision)
  • NO State-level property tax
  • NO Property tax on business inventories
  • NO Property tax on goods-in-transit for up to 180 days
  • NO Sales and use tax on goods manufactured or produced in Florida for export outside the state
  • NO Sales tax on purchases of raw materials incorporated in a final product for resale, including non-reusable containers or packaging
  • NO Sales and use tax on cogeneration of electricity

    Because St. Pete says "no" to all of these taxes and deterrents, you're able to say "yes" to exciting opportunities for growth in our city.