NIX Launches an Online Initiative to Coordinate Volunteers’ Actions during the COVID-19 Outbreak

The challenges of the modern world require decisive action. That’s why NIX has engaged in the local non-profit initiative and developed an online platform that helps people affected by coronavirus pandemic to find help from local volunteers. The first website was launched in St.Pete, FL, and now NIX is ready to create a similar resource for other cities in any state at no cost. 

Today, being united has become more important than ever before. NIX, a software engineering company from St. Petersburg, FL, has never stood aside when the needs of the local community were on the table. For the company, being a part of it means to express support and provide help to those who require it. This is why, together with a local volunteer group, St. Pete Together, NIX has developed a website that aims to connect the St. Pete community with resources and support during the COVID-19 outbreak.

St. Pete Together is building a space to match those with local resources to those who need support during the COVID-19 crisis. In cooperation with the volunteer group, NIX has created a platform for volunteers who have the power, desire and time to help people affected by the threat of coronavirus infection. Either you’re a doctor who needs a babysitter for your kids, or an elderly person who cannot leave the house, or you need a consultation from a lawyer, you can go to the website - - and find a volunteer who can provide you with the assistance you need. 

At the same time, if you feel like you have enough resources to provide any help you can register at the platform as a volunteer and choose a category you fit in: 

  • - Babysitting, 
  • - Donations, 
  • - Education, 
  • - Errands, 
  • - Financial Planning, 
  • - Legal, 
  • - Medical, 
  • - Organizing, 
  • - Technological, 
  • - Training. 

Both individual users and companies can register as volunteers. 

The website also provides a collection of helpful resources from the official sources with reliable information about: 

  • - coronavirus pandemic, 
  • - statistics, 
  • - and actions to be taken to protect yourself. 

The FAQ section helps to quickly find answers to the most popular questions. There is also an opportunity to open a discussion on any topic and get the opinions of other users. 

NIX invites people from St. Petersburg to register at the portal and use it either to provide help or to receive it. In the state of epidemy, it’s absolutely crucial to help each other. 

NIX perfectly understands the importance of the current situation and is ready to offer its resources to facilitate all efforts against the spread of the COVID-19. Therefore, the company decided to launch a non-profit initiative in cooperation with non-profit organizations and volunteer groups in other regions in Florida and from other states. At no cost, NIX experts will develop a similar website that will help unite your community, coordinate local efforts and provide reliable information. Contact them today, and the company experts will provide you with a demo version of the platform and explain how to adjust it to your needs. Let’s get through this together!  


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