Pinellas County Schools is the seventh largest district in Florida with 150 schools including magnets, career academies, adult education centers, and its own virtual school program.

Pinellas County Schools is fully accredited by AdvancED, a globally recognized distinction of quality.

2021 Graduation Rate
Highest in Tampa Bay region!

  • Magnet Programs

    Offer intensive study in specialized, themed curricula, attracting students who are especially gifted in areas such as music, art, science or technology.

  • Charter Schools

    Operated by nonprofit organizations, provide more individualized learning programs, encourage innovative approaches to education and require strong internal accountability for the quality of education they provide.

  • International Baccalaureate Programs

    Designed for highly gifted students who require a more challenging curriculum. Students are able to pursue advanced, college-bound courses during their high school years and, due to the rigor of the program, many colleges give IB students college credit for classes taken during high school.