Private Label Skin: Manufacturing Firm Chooses to Grow in St. Pete

Since its founding in 2012, Private Label Skin has aligned innovation in skincare with world-class manufacturing services. Serving predominately online marketers and retailers, PLS specializes in the anti-aging segment of the market with moisturizers, serums, eye creams, age reversal, wrinkle refinement, eye treatment, and skin lighteners. In addition, PLS manufacturers cleansers, toners, and nutraceutical products including vitamins, weight loss supplements, and a host of other items.

In six short years, PLS has grown from a single operation to three, all located throughout the greater St. Petersburg area: Tyrone Boulevard, South St. Petersburg, and Feather Sound.

Private Label Skin guides clients through the process of creating custom formulations, manufacturing, label design, and successful distribution.

“Growing in St. Pete means we don’t need to worry about outgrowing the area and having to relocate,” Daniel Raley, Marketing Director, PLS said. “The combination of both abundant commercial real estate and quality affordable housing in the area ensures our team can live where they work even as we grow.”

St. Petersburg is home to the largest manufacturing sector in the state of Florida. Additionally, St. Petersburg’s community and economic development strategy, Grow Smarter, identifies Specialized Manufacturing as one of five target industries primed for the most growth in the City.

PLS is part of the ecosystem of growing manufacturing firms in the St. Petersburg region that serve clients worldwide. Combined, PLS’s manufacturing and fulfillment centers produce over 500,000 shipments and serve nearly 200 customers each month. PLS’s in-house Research and Development team, state-of-the-art laboratory, and in-house manufacturing process allow the firm to mitigate error, produce cutting-edge product lines, and maximize client satisfaction.

In addition to its world-class manufacturing and fulfillment services, PLS is committed to investing in its employees and giving back to the community. PLS is a proud supporter of JOBS for LIFE, Community Tampa Bay, and The Westchase Charitable Foundation.

“Many of our employees feel a great connection to the area,” Raley said. “We recognize the importance in the quality of life of our team members and supporting the growth of the community.”

What's next for PLS?

The manufacturing powerhouse plans to remain at the forefront of industry trends and continue growing its customer base.

To learn more about Private Label Skin, visit their website.

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