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As a city that offers a high quality workforce, tax benefits and a supportive business community, the potential for business in St. Pete is limitless.

With the city and the St. Pete Economic Development Councils’ continued commitment to smart and strategic growth, St. Pete has successfully cultivated a business-friendly community that is a hub for innovation and collaboration. From one industry to the next, business leaders are establishing roots in St. Pete and growing dynamic businesses in the process.

Whether your industry is data analytics or financial services, the St. Petersburg business ecosystem is designed to support your business goals and overall economic development. Below are a few examples of industries that have made their mark on the St. Pete and are thriving in the process.

Marine and Life Sciences

  • This industry is representative of St. Pete’s top-tier healthcare services with the largest marine and environmental sciences community in the Southeast. Various major institutions, including but not limited to the following, are located in St. Pete: John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, Bayfront Health, federal and state agencies such as NOAA and USGS.

Data Analytics

  • Over the past 10 years, this industry grew by 36 percent in St. Pete, a growth rate that is expected to increase to 40 percent annually due to the widespread use of big data. Several prominent firms, such as Valpak and HSN, call St. Pete home and are continuing to create a hub for talent and employment in this sector.

Specialized Manufacturing

  • The state of Florida is considered the second-largest medical device manufacturer in the county, meaning that there’s a high need and demand for companies and employees in this industry. Today, specialized manufacturing employs over 3,000 employees in St. Pete—a number that is expected to rise.

Creative Arts and Design

  • This is a growing sector that is particularly well-positioned, given St. Pete’s vibrant arts and culture community. Businesses ranging from graphic design, new media and gaming to traditional fine arts, such as the Dali Museum, are growing in St. Pete.

Financial Services

  • TThe St. Pete region employs more than 14,000 individuals in this high-paying career field, and has the most concentrated financial services sector in Florida and the region—double that of the average American community. The city is also home to Raymond James, the largest financial services firm outside of Wall Street.
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