Podcast-driven Media Company Created in St. Petersburg, Florida

After making a visit to St. Pete to visit family, Jared Taylor, a medtech founder out of Boston, decided he was done dealing with snow and wanted to make a move to St. Pete and take his company with him.  Taylor reached out to the St. Pete EDC for help and began exploring the idea in early 2020. He then made the move himself in early 2021, bringing the company BlocHealth as well.

A year later BlocHealth, a platform where clinicians and organizations can use their credentialing data to order multiple services at the click of a button, was acquired by a St. Louis-based company SteadyMD.  Taylor had not planned on selling BlocHealth at that point, but he had SteadyMD’s CEO, Guy Friedman, on his podcast Slice of Healthcare.  He then kept running into Friedman at different industry events, creating their business relationship.

After selling BlocHealth, Taylor realized how beneficial the podcast space was for his company. He wanted to expand on Slice of Healthcare, but also to focus on helping other companies to leverage their industry knowledge, creating Slice of Media.  This podcast-driven media company has more than 15 different shows across three different brands and produces content for B2B organizations to help them reach their stakeholders. Most of the shows have been ranked in the top 100 business news podcasts in multiple countries.


Slice of Media helps in all aspects of the podcasting process from show production to brand development to content creation to full strategies to help companies generate sales and engage their current customers.  The company focuses on producing shorter micro-podcasts in ‘Slices,’ 15-25 minute episodes that cover all points needed to gain insight into well-known leaders or new companies for that topic.

Since starting in 2021, Slice of Media has found an office in downtown St. Pete working out of Thrive DTSP, a popular coworking and private office space.  Taylor now has three employees who have all relocated to the St. Pete area, one moving from as far as Los Angeles, and hopes to add five more in the upcoming year.

Recently, Taylor was named to the Business Observer’s 40 Under 40 list for 2022, which recognizes the top 40 young professionals under 40 in the Tampa to Naples region.  He also has joined the Tampa Bay Wave accelerator program as a mentor to help companies build and scale their businesses.

For more about Slice of Media, visit https://www.sliceof.media/

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