St. Pete-based Callyo Leading Path for Innovative Police Technology

Callyo, a mobile technology company for law enforcement based in St. Pete, has more than doubled their office size to keep up with major growth. Their mission: Advance mobile technology for law enforcement investigators to create a safer world for children. 

Callyo celebrates its expansion and addition of the IAHTI team.

Named one of GovTech’s Top 100 companies in 2017 focused on and making a difference for state and local government, Callyo provides unique mobile technology for law enforcement investigators that specialize in catching human traffickers and child predators.

Callyo has gone from 2,300 sq. ft. of office space to a new space with 5,500 sq. ft. – affording ample room to accommodate the company’s expanding training opportunities and hiring plans for 2018 and beyond. The company is also utilizing the City of St. Petersburg’s Grow Smarter Job Creation and Talent Attraction Program to stay competitive and expand at a faster rate.

As part of their office expansion, Callyo launched an official partnership with the International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators (IAHTI). IAHTI will relocate its world headquarters inside Callyo’s St. Pete office and utilize their training facilities to educate officers both in the U.S. and abroad on the detection and investigation of human trafficking.

In 2017, Callyo launched the 10-21 Video app, a mobile body camera for law enforcement. 10-21 apps reach 100,000 sworn officers across 9,000 police departments and allow officers to better communicate with citizens and live stream videos directly from their phones.

“We look forward to accelerating Callyo’s growth in our new offices in downtown St. Pete,” said Chris Bennett, Founder of Callyo. “As we grow the Callyo team, we believe that our new space in St. Petersburg’s Central Arts District is perfectly situated in a vibrant community that celebrates creativity and innovation. It is an optimal environment for our employees to pursue our mission to advance mobile technology for law enforcement investigators to create a safer world for children.”

About Callyo
At Callyo, we build innovative, simple, meaningful tools within reach of all in law enforcement to combat crimes such as human trafficking and child exploitation. Callyo has changed the way investigations are done, and believes that you shouldn’t need special equipment to do something special.
Callyo has been called “arguably the most innovative new policing technology in the past 20 years” while maintaining record satisfaction and renewal rates across 100,000+ officers and 9,000+ agencies. We have saved countless man-hours and taxpayer expense, increased prosecution rates, and improved the well-being of investigators with solutions that respect the privacy of our fellow citizens. Callyo website:

The International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators (IAHTI) is a 501 (C)(3) not-for profit organization that is the international leader in human trafficking education. IAHTI works closely with law enforcement and prosecutors throughout the world to provide the most
up-to-date human trafficking training, investigative techniques and technology. Our training is conducted by experts who have human trafficking investigation experience. IAHTI website:

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