St. Pete is a Pet-Lover’s Paradise

St. Petersburg, Florida is “pawsitively purrfect” for pet lovers. WalletHub recently named St. Pete one of the top 3 most pet-friendly cities in the country, and whether your four-legged friend is canine or feline, you’ll find the Sunshine City to be furry friendly.

A Doggone Good Spot

 Commercial Café recently named St. Pete one of the top 20 cities in the U.S. for dog owners.  The City has:

  • Dozens of dog-friendly bars and restaurants, including The Dog Bar, a combination off-leash dog park and full-service bar, and Mutts and Martinis, an upscale sports bar and dog pool
  • Six dog parks (in addition to the overall parks system, which is rated the #1 parks system in Florida)
  • Dog swim day at the public pool
  • “Bark Parks” at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport
  • Therapy dog encounters for nervous fliers at PIE

St. Pete’s the Cat’s Meow

St. Pete isn’t just for pups! The city also boasts


A Great City for All Creatures

St. Petersburg is a “Better Cities for Pets” certified city.  Its amenities include:

  • A pet-friendly Chamber of Commerce (any many other pet-loving workplaces)
  • The second highest density of vets to residents in the country
  • A citywide pet-friendly business program
  • More than a dozen pet-friendly hotels and inns
  • Pet stores galore
  • A host of dedicated animal-focused rescue organizations

Pets and their humans all find St. Pete a place of great “oppawtunity.”

Ready to Move Your Kit(ten) and Labradoodle (along with your business?)

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