St. Pete Recognized on Top 10 Best Places for Female Entrepreneurs List

Have you heard the news?! Once again, our very own St. Petersburg region has been recognized on the Top 10 Best Places for Female Entrepreneurs list! But this time we have progressed even more on the list! It is no secret that St. Pete creates a progressive and inclusive environment for women to thrive in their careers, both in corporate settings and as business owners/entrepreneurs. And for the past few years, statistics have shown by consistently recognizing our community as a place in which women thrive!

This year, regions were judged on several different criteria: the percent of women-owned businesses, startup early survival rate and the women-to-men pay ratio. In addition to those factors, elements relating to the novel coronavirus pandemic were also included: the September 2020 unemployment rate and the number of new business applications in 2020 relative to the previous five years.

This is such great news for ladies! When considering your future and places where you can grow and become successful, keep the St. Pete - Tampa region in mind. In just one year we have jumped from 8th to 6th place due to the astonishing accomplishments, opportunities, and record-breaking statistics of women in the workforce. Keep breaking those glass ceilings ladies!

  • Tampa Bay ranks among top 10 best places for female entrepreneurs

    SmartAsset analyzed the 50 biggest regions in the U.S. for its latest report.

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