St. Petersburg is a Top Metro for Millennial Moves

Last year the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area had one of the highest net gains of millennial residents in the country, +95%. While fewer millennials are moving overall, many who do are choosing Florida and the Tampa Bay region in particular.

Hire a Helper found that Tampa Bay had the highest net gain in the country of movers aged 27-42.


Adding to a Talented Workforce

These new residents add to St. Petersburg's robust workforce—more than 60% of St. Pete residents are ages 18-64, their prime career years. In addition, area colleges and universities are producing more than 40,000 graduates each year.


St. Pete Attracts Talent

Enrico Palmerino, the CEO and founder of Botkeeper who moved his company headquarters from Boston to St. Petersburg noted that “When you are building a company you want to build in a place where the talent pool is growing and where the market isn't over saturated," adding that St. Pete "appeared to be going through a major boom that would be attractive for employees looking to relocate—this could only assist in my recruiting efforts."

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