St. Petersburg College & Duke Energy Launch Apprentice Program


Time after time, we are astounded by how progressive and innovative our group of investors can be, even through the most troublesome times. Recently, a severe winter storm devastated Texas leaving millions without electricity for days. The incident and lack of resources provided to those in Texas raised awareness nationwide prompting our very own investors, Duke Energy and St. Petersburg College to create a solution.

Upon identifying a need for electricity workers, St. Pete College took the initiative and quickly produced an electrical lineworker training ground at the SPC’s Allstate Center location in St. Petersburg. The innovation did not stop there, they also launched a new 14-week apprentice program to get more lineworkers up to speed right here in our community! Duke Energy joined forces as well by investing $100,000 into the program.

“The role this will play in the community is critical, “stated Tonjua Williams the President of St. Petersburg College. “Many of our linemen now are up in Texas trying to help. That is why we need to fuel the pipeline here in Florida to make sure we have enough for us to address those disasters.”

Huge congratulations for the exceptional work St. Petersburg College and Duke Energy!

Catch up on the full story here:

St. Pete College launches new power lineworker training program (

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