St. Pete’s SoleVenture supports the Modern Day Independent Professional

The popularity of non-employer businesses is at an all time high, with new statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau showing a 3.6 percent increase nationally and a 10 percent increase locally since 2017. Within the next decade, 50% of U.S. workers will be freelancers at least part time. The global outsourcing market is expected to grow to $343 billion by 2025.

Despite the growing popularity of running your own venture, modern day independent professionals can attest to the challenges that come with the perks generally associated with the gig.

St. Petersburg entrepreneur and CEO of SoleVenture Inc., Eve Epstein aims to solve those challenges and bridge the gap that makes it difficult for independent contractors to secure traditional work benefits.

“I am creating a business that offers opportunity and growth for the millions of independent professionals participating in the modern day workforce, ”Epstein said.

Eve's platform connects independent professionals and provides an opportunity to gain new clients, make referrals, and collaborate. SoleVenture members gain access to traditional, affordable benefits, encouraging entrepreneurship and economic independence.

Members of SoleVenture can even post videos that generate quality leads and reduce marketing overhead, building long-term value. By focusing on retention, SoleVenture aims to increase the negotiation power for benefits and growth opportunities for those engaged.

Unlike its competitors, SoleVenture reverses the current marketplace platform business concept by eliminating a bidding process among freelancers and thus matching projects based on quantity and desired services.

Most recently, the company announced plans to roll out health insurance as its first offering. In the next few years, SoleVenture plans to grow its St. Pete headquarters and expand offerings nationally.

"St. Pete is a beautiful city supportive of arts and culture that attracts those who desire the lifestyle of a diverse, livable, walkable, urban environment surrounded by water, and proximate to award-winning parks and nationally renown white sand beaches," Epstein said. "SoleVenture offers independent workers living in the Tampa-St. Pete area an option to grow their businesses locally while enjoying access to benefits, healthcare insurance, and a community of clients. In fact, SoleVenture offerings mean that living in St. Pete can be an option to more and more people who work independently and desire the freedom of freelancing or starting a small business with greater security."

The SoleVenture platform is managed by Epstein and Robyn Rusignuolo, COO. Additional staff are Product Manager, Joe DeSetto, and Director of Business Development, Darden Rice.

Meet the women behind SoleVenture


SoleVenture CEO, Eve Epstein, is a fourth generation St. Petersburg native. Her great-grandfather and grandfather were small business owners in St. Petersburg, and most of her family in Tampa Bay were – and many still currently are – educators. She is passionate about educating and developing future business leaders in her hometown.

SoleVenture COO, Robyn Rusignuolo, is a graduate of Stetson Law School and local operations executive.  Since moving to St. Petersburg nearly 20 years ago, she has been active in local professional and non-profit organizations. Rusignuolo is current Vice-Chair of the American Stage Theater Company Board of Trustees.



SoleVenture Business Development Director, Darden Rice, is an Eckerd College graduate, current member on St. Petersburg City Council, and a 25-year St. Petersburg resident.

Join SoleVenture for live demos, a cocktail reception, and more on September 10, from 6-8pm, at Webb’s City Cellar, 1133 Baum Ave. N., St. Petersburg. More information and registration here.

To learn more about SoleVenture, visit their website.

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