Tampa Bay Expected to Add More Than 2,000 Tech Jobs in 2021


According to CompTIA’s new annual “Cyberstates” report, Tampa Bay is among the top metro areas in the nation for job growth in the technology industry.  This organization breaks down the tech sector and tech workforce across the nation. The Tampa-St. Pete metro area has a well-founded hold, expecting to bring in 2,316 tech jobs by the end of 2021. It ranks No. 22 in the nation, following No. 19 Miami which is expected to bring in 2,613 jobs and No. 20 Orlando which expects 2,488 jobs.  

In 2020, Florida added approximately 3,623 new tech jobs, which is the fifth highest total in the nation. For this year, information technology workers are expected to lead job growth, particularly cybersecurity, software developers, data scientists and IT user support specialists.


Additionally, over the last five years, job postings for these types of positions have grown roughly 190% in Florida. More and more businesses are turning towards these positions because they add digital offerings, which has accelerated during COVID-19. According to this report, the tech sector accounts for 7.8% of the state’s economy. This makes it sixth in the nation for the dollar value of tech contribution to the economy.  


Earlier in 2021, CompTIA ranked Florida among the top 10 states for IT job postings. This follows a 2019 report where it ranked Tampa-St. Pete as a top 20 place for IT workers to live. At the end of last year, Florida’s net tech employment totaled 6.4% of the state’s overall workforce and according to this report, Florida is home to more than 36,300 tech businesses. Overall, Tampa Bay has been a very successful place for the tech industry, and it is looking like they will be in the future as well. According to CompTIA’s report, 2021 looks like it will be a great year for people who plan to work in the tech industry within the Tampa Bay region. 


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