Financial Powerhouse

Financial Services is the largest employment sector in St. Petersburg. The City has the most concentrated financial services sector in Florida and the region- double that of the average American community. As Florida’s financial services leader, St. Petersburg is responsible for billions of financial services-based exports annually.

The City is home to Raymond James, the largest financial service provider outside of Wall Street. Insurance companies are also thriving in St. Pete- home to ASIUPC Insurance, and AllState.

Talent & Degree Programs

Numerous regional institutions help cultivate a sustainable, local workforce through business and finance-related degree programs.

Along with significant quality of life assets in St. Petersburg, the City’s seven anchor Financial Services institutions attract employees and complementary businesses from around the world.

25% of Bachelor’s degrees awarded regionally are related to Financial Services

More than 14,000 individuals are employed in high paying Financial Services positions in St. Petersburg

Financial Services is comprised of three niches: security and asset management, insurance, and customer care.