Top 5 Reasons St. Petersburg is the Place for Young Professionals

Source: Capital Analytics Associates

By: Max Crampton-Thomas

August 12, 2019

St. Petersburg, a community and city deeply entrenched in Florida’s history since being incorporated in 1903, is now in the midst of a revitalization and what is being deemed the city’s second golden age. Thanks to collaboration between the city and organizations like the St. Petersburg Area Economic Development Corporation, who have been spearheading the “Grow Smarter Strategy,” which aligns the many community organizations involved in economic development efforts while providing a road map for each organization to operate towards the same goal, St. Pete has built an identity that conjures a balanced mix of tradition, innovation, forward thinking and sustainability, all culminating in a shared sense of pride in both its younger and older demographics. With the recent economic and community growth in St. Pete and the Tampa Bay region, there has naturally been an influx of young professionals and their families into the area.

Invest: Tampa Bayexplores the Top 5 reasons why St. Petersburg is the place for young professionals to live, work and play. 

The Arts Scene:Home to seven distinct arts districts, world-famous museums and many cultural attractions, St. Petersburg is recognized as an arts and cultural hub. Anchored by widely recognized institutions like The Salvador Dali Museum, the Mahaffey Theater, which is home to the Florida Orchestra, the Museum of Fine Arts and many more, the city should be a draw to any young professional with an interest in consuming, partaking or even working within the arts. 

Walkability:While traffic, transportation and transit issues run rampant through most metropolitan areas in Florida, downtown St. Petersburg boasts a walkability score of 91 and a bike score of 92, according to These scores, combined with St. Petersburg’s emphasis on environmental sustainability, make Downtown St. Pete a paradise for those young professionals who are looking to ditch their car for alternative forms of transportation. The walkability factor in Downtown is also ideal for those who desire the live, work, play lifestyle as more restaurants, businesses and residential developments continue to become available in what is already a vibrant and bustling area.

The Beaches:Access to even a single beach is a luxury that many people may never know, but for those in St. Petersburg there are a multitude of options to choose from. Each of St. Petersburg’s beaches offers a unique experience, ranging from Ft. DeSoto Beach located on a 900 acre county park to Spa Beach and North Shore, the two beautiful, public beaches along the St. Pete Downtown waterfront. The accessibility of these beaches to the residents of St. Petersburg are sure to appeal to any young adults looking for the beach lifestyle in an urban environment.

Vibrant LGBTQ+ Scene:For the young professionals seeking an environment where all are welcomed, the city of St. Petersburg is that place. As best expressed on, “St. Pete, FL extends a warm welcome to all who share in the city’s vision that the sun shines on all who come to live, work and play here, including the LGBT population.” Aside from having a progressive and forward-thinking leader in Mayor Rick Kriseman, USA Today’s 2019 No. 2 Pride Festival to attend and a slew of other inclusivity initiatives, St. Pete has earned a perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index four years in a row. 

Career Opportunities:St. Petersburg is home to nearly 16,000 businesses, a population of almost 260,000 residents, a vibrant tech scene and an annual growth rate that has tripled since 2010. With growth opportunities in major industries like marine sciences, financial services, creative arts and more, the city is an ideal location for those who are looking to develop and grow in their professional careers. 

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Source: Capital Analytics Associates

By: Max Crampton-Thomas

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