The world-renowned Dali Museum is located on the picturesque downtown St. Petersburg, FL waterfront where visitors get a glimpse of Salvador Dali’s world and an unparalleled collection of his finest works – from iconic melting clocks to imaginative visual illusions and avant-garde symbols. Guests can shop, play, wander and quench their curiosity for all that is Salvador Dali and beyond.

Founded in 1982 by Reynolds and Eleanor Morse, The Dali Museum is rich in works from Salvador Dali's entire career (1904-1989), with key works from every moment and in every medium of his artistic activity. The Dali’s distinguished new building, which opened in January 2011, enables the Museum to protect and display the collection, to welcome the public, and to educate and promote enjoyment. In a larger sense it is a place of beauty which is dedicated, as is Dali's art, to understanding and transformation.

The Dali Museum offers an array of programs and events to serve as an active resource in the cultural life of our community and the world at large. Thier Innovation Training program, The Edge, offers full and half-day workshops to help organizations stretch the limits, get un-stuck, and venture beyond the norm. You can host your own event at The Dali, with the award-winning architecture serving as the backdrop for corporate events, weddings and parties. The Museum’s array of educational programs and entertainment – from films to family activities – take on the excitement and wonder of the art that inhabits the galleries.

The Dali is a one-of-a-kind destination that you simply have to experience for yourself—alone or with family and friends, The Dali welcomes all, seven days a week.