CareerEdge Funders Collaborative, a national-award-winning workforce and employer-led innovation initiative, is making waves by turning the traditional model for workforce investment in Florida on its head. CareerEdge partners directly with employers in fast-growing sectors in the regional economy, to help them fill skills gaps and meet their employment needs, while at the same time assisting individuals in entering the workforce and moving up career ladders. CareerEdge is a cutting-edge initiative and is transforming the way stakeholders and policy makers in the region and around the state look at career training.

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide an exceptional labor force to a region’s growing industries by leveraging community assets and forming high-performing workforce partnerships.

VISION STATEMENT: CareerEdge will be known as the region’s distinguished workforce development organization that promotes economic prosperity through strong employer-labor and community partnerships.

Internships & Apprenticeships

CareerEdge has launched a first-of-its-kind internship program that helps students obtain the necessary skills required to succeed in today’s work environment, and offering them supplemental income while they are enrolled in higher education institutions or have recently graduated. In addition, the program provides financial incentives for local employers to utilize interns in high demand industries in order to meet their workforce needs.

CareerEdge will reimburse employers up to $1,000 per intern. Employers must pay a minimum of $10.00/hour to participating students. Funding will be awarded through grants offered by CareerEdge once the program is completed, all feedback forms have been received, and proof of wages are submitted.


CareerEdge Employer Information
CareerEdge 2018 Employer Application

Contact Information:

The Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce
1945 Fruitville Road
Sarasota, FL 34236
(941) 556-4029