Erik Smith, Inclusivity LLC

Diversity & Inclusion

Through a robust Cultural Competence strategy, Erik Smith can help your business become more innovative and drive revenue in three primary ways:

1) Diversity and Inclusion/Cultural Competence – Increase employee engagement, satisfaction and retention through training, leveraging data analytics and research to create meaningful KPIs.

2) Multicultural Marketing - Drive revenue today and thereafter by recognizing that 43% of millennials and over half of Gen Z is either Hispanic, African-American or Asian. Authentically engaging this powerful consumer base with relevant content will create an opportunity to drive revenue.

3) Community Engagement - Developing an inclusive philanthropic strategy that aligns with your company and diversity mission and vision. This strategy will increase visibility, enhance both your employee and employer brand, as well as demonstrate corporate responsibility.

The combination of the above will make you more attractive to employees, customers and the communities you serve.



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