Pinellas County Ex-Offender Re-Entry Coalition


Pinellas County Ex-Offender Re-Entry Coalition

Pinellas Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition is a non-profit agecy that provides a myriad of services and programs that assist ex-offenders in overcoming the barriers they face when reentering society, in order for them to become and remian ex-offenders. Services and programs include housing, transportation assistance, veterans programs, short-term trainings, employment placement assistance, substance abuse treatment, and many others.

Training & Development

PERC offers training classes in employability skills that focus on attitude and accountability through our STARS program.  We offer construction training through our Second Chance Tiny Homes program, and we can assist in paying for short-term vocational training through our educational partners at Pinellas Technical College, St. Petersburg College, and Career Source.


Paid Training
Employment Assistance


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